May 31, 2017


NEOS Educator in Oracle Cloud – CloudBet

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By migrating NEOS Educator into the cloud, Neos has once more proven its high level of expertise in deployment of Oracle Cloud services. The company’s intimate knowledge of these technologies is an incredibly strong differentiator at the business application market, especially in the EMEA region. NEOS is Oracle’s Platinum partner Specialized in Oracle Cloud, ready to take on and fulfil all needs of Oracle users worldwide.

NEOS’ Educator application provides support for all processes present in educational institutions, private and public schools. It is developed in order to successfully perform the task of daily organizing and tracking of the professional lectures and trainings. The solution meets all requirements of a simple, rapid and effective service provision.

The application is implemented and widely used by the Croatian National School for Public Administration.

A few days ago, NEOS Educator was successfully migrated into Oracle Cloud as part of Oracle CloudBet program.


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