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Proud to be Among the First FinOps Certified Service Providers in the World

Neos joins the FinOps Foundation with the goal of supporting and promoting the discipline of cloud financial management through best practices, education, and standards.

FinOps – New Operating Model for the Cloud

By facilitating a shift in understanding cloud costs and making informed business decisions, FinOps increases the business value of the cloud. Using FinOps guidelines and best practices, companies can get the most value for every dollar spent in the cloud.

Not only does FinOps allow companies to understand cloud cost, it helps raise accountability for spending decisions, provides centralized processes that enable the allocation of spending to teams and maximizes the efficiency of purchases.

FinOps Rooted in Neos Teams

Neos has been part of the FinOps movement for the past year, with a dozen of certified FinOps practitioners. We introduced FinOps practices into our own business processes and teams after attending CloudyCon, the conference for FinOps in September 2019.

Each consulting project is embedded with FinOps principles, particularly in the form of turn-key solutions for our clients’ cloud demands. Moreover, we are developing CloudVane, Multicloud Cost Management solution built on the FinOps lifecycle framework and cloud bleeding edge technology.

Introducing Global FinOps Movement to Regional Cloud Services Market

Neos is among the first global service providers that have been certified by the FinOps Foundation. FinOps Certified Service Provider (FCSP) is a pre-qualified tier of vetted service providers who have deep experience helping enterprises successfully adopt cloud financial management practices.

As FCSP partner, Neos offers FinOps support, consulting, professional services and training for organizations’ cloud financial management journey. The FinOps Foundation includes nearly 2000 individual practitioner members across the globe, representing more than 1200 companies.

With demand for new collaboration to support cloud procurement between IT and finance teams, the FinOps community is growing fast,” said J.R. Storment, President of FinOps Foundation. “We have the infrastructure and governance in place to support this acceleration and provide best-in-class training and education opportunities to grow this discipline. Our founding members are making this possible with today’s commitments, and we look forward to working with them in the years to come.”

If you are interested to learn more about FinOps and how it fits your company, contact us.

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