IBM Software & Hardware Solutions

Top-tier IBM Gold Business Partner with ability to deliver high value transformational solutions, build smarter businesses and achieve customer success with proven and best of breed IBM solutions, products and services.


IBM Gold Business Partner and authorized and certified IBM Business Partner Solution Provider for IBM z, IBM Power Systems, IBM Storage hardware and software solutions, z/OS software (IPLA) and complete IBM software portfolio (Data & AI, DevOps, Integration, Business Automation, Security, AIOps, ESG and more) in Croatia.

We provide installation configuration, maintenance and support services for IBM software, IBM Systems, IBM Storage solutions and integrated solutions including Red Hat software.


Servers & Storage

Next-generation server systems that provide you with improved scalability and flexibility, increased and optimized hardware capacity and comprehensive hypervisor options. Solutions include everything from x86 servers, IBM Power Systems to IBM z (mainframe).

Data Resilience & Data Recovery

Services and solutions that will provide you with options to recover data and make your IT infrastructure resilient to any attacks. Our portfolio includes proven, robust, and reliable IBM data resilience and data recovery solutions.


We offer virtualization solutions in all areas of virtualization technologies, from server and storage resource virtualization, to network virtualization and container solutions. This includes IBM Software Defined Storage solutions, VMware products and solutions, Red Hat OpenShift, open-source solutions and many others.


The tools in our microservices toolbox include Spring, Micronaut, Helidon, Apache Camel and other. Closely related to microservices are cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker that help manage a set of scalable and resilient services running in containers.


Automation of processes required to deliver applications and services at high velocity and enablement of faster product improvement cycle compared to traditional product delivery processes. Works great with containerized microservice architecture applications.

Data Science

Make sure your data processing pipelines are efficient, secure and scalable, with tier Data Engineering tools, like BM Watson Studio, IBM Cloud Pak for Data 4.0 and intelligent automation and IBM Watson Assistant.

Business Automation & Integration

AI powered tools that simplify and enhance delivery and operations, enable response to your events in real time and facilitate quick build-and-deploy of integrations while taking care of security for your data and processes.

Intelligent System & Application Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring tools such as IBM Observability solution by Instana monitor any application, service, or request. IBM Turbonomic Application Resource Management for IBM Cloud Paks continuously analyzes applications’ resource utilization, supports private, hybrid and public clouds and is proven in world’s largest and most complex environments. AIOps provides machine learning algorithms and data science practices for establishing automated and proactive capabilities to give IT teams more insight into systems and operations and automate day-to-day activities.

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