Neos will remake your business towards innovation and success.

Our vast experience with telcos, financial and energy companies, as well as the public sector means we’ve put together powerful multicloud, business intelligence and custom application solutions.

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Neos was founded in 2002 by three experienced individuals sharing the idea and vision of becoming a world-wide recognised consulting company that delivers state-of-the-art solutions in the area of Business Analytics, Software Engineering and supporting Cloud and On-Premise infrastructure.


Today, with 400+ successful projects and customers from EMEA region and having achieved our goals, we are working further to expand our portfolio and customer base in a sustainable way that does not compromise the quality of our deliveries.

Neos will continue to invest in the knowledge and expertise of our consultants through real project experiences enriched with our R&D Department outcomes in the form of the integration of latest concepts and technologies within our own frameworks and practices.


Combining all this with the experience gained through the years will allow us to continue offering a competitive and exceptional experience to every client, with customer satisfaction and our long-term partnership always at the forefront of our mind.

Delivering real business value based on data and cutting edge technologies.


Core values and general guidelines on which we insist and communicate to our clients and employees








Our Principles and values

Core values and general guidelines on which we insist and communicate to our clients and employees


Our goal extends beyond successful IT project implementation based on client specification. We aim to question and rethink each requirement and find the best use case, technology and platform for implementation in order to maximize delivery value for your business.

Our client’s success is our success!


Each time we hear “we always do it like that”, it is like an alarm forcing us to stop and rethink. What can we do differently? How can we do it better? What can we improve? This is at times related to our business practices, processes and requirements, and at other times to tools and technologies we are using.

Always striving to improve!


Trust is one of the most important components of building strong partnerships with clients. We build trust through reliability – always delivering on time and up to (or beyond) expectations. Even in situations where events beyond our control or responsibility affect the successful project completion, we do everything in our power to minimize the impact to the holy trinity: deadline, quality and cost.

Always do all you can to ensure success!


While we do have general principles, frameworks and “a way of doing things”, we are fully aware that every client is different in terms of requirements, maturity and expectations. We are therefore flexible in the way we effectively address and adapt to each customer individually, all the while having in mind the general principles that ensure overall success.

Committing to our principles but staying flexible in approach!


We are continuously monitoring and evaluating new concepts and technologies so we can advise and implement the best possible and sustainable solutions with the goal to maximise the value of your investment. Our internal R&D department is focused on the selection and hands-on validation, arming us with the knowledge base and frameworks used in real projects.

Continuously challenge what you know, learn and share your knowledge!


The quality of our work is supported by the continuous education and certification of our experts.


Cloud Services
Cloud Solutions
Landing Zones
Training & Education

Data Management

Autonomous Data Warehouse
Autonomous Transaction Processing
Microsoft SQLOracle Database
Oracle Real Application Cluster

Business Analytics

IBM Watson Studio
IBM Watson AssistantOracle Analytics Cloud
Oracle Analytics Server
Oracle Business Intelligence
Advanced Analytics

Hardware & Software

IBM Power, IBM Z, IBM Storage
IBM software (Spectrum, Cloud Paks)
Oracle Exadata, ZFS, Exalytics, BDA, Exalogic
Red Hat OpenShift
Training & Education

Data Warehouse

Big Data
Data Warehouse Framework
Machine Learning


Cloud Native Solutions
Cloud Platform Application Development
Cloud Business Analysis
Enterprise Solutions
IBM Urban Code
IBM WebSphere Liberty & Network Deployment
JetBrains Developer & Team Tools
JRebel & XRebel Performance Tools
Red Hat OpenShift
Spring framework

Data Integration

Apache Kafka
IBM Cloud Pak for Integration
Oracle Data Integrator
Oracle Warehouse Builder
Oracle Integration Cloud

Business Automation & Integration

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation
IBM Cloud Pak for Integration
IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps
IBM Observability by Instana APM
RedHat Ansible
Turbonomic Application Resource Management for IBM Cloud Paks


IBM Software (Security, Monitoring, Backup, Websphere, Rational/Devops, Lotus, DB2)


Oracle Licensing & hardware (Analytics, Linux, Exadata, Java, Database, Data Integrator, Solars 11)


IBM Hardware (Storage, System Z, Power System)


Oracle Cloud (Analytics, Infrastructure, Devops, Application development, Autonomous Database, Integration)


Microsoft (Systems, Dynamics, Database, SQL Server)


Collibra (Data Stewardship, Data Governance, Integration, Workflow, Solution Architect)


Vmware (Data center virtualization, Server virtualization)


RedHat (Systems, Virtualization, OpenStack, OpenShift)


FinOps Certified Practitioner


Apache Kafka


Cloudera (Apache Hadoop, Data Analysis, Spark)


AWS Solutions Architect



Why work
with us?

Do you want to simplify operations, reduce costs and discover new ways of engaging your customers? Neos will create a digital workforce of humans and bots armed with predictive analytics. Your services will be continuously optimised and improved. Outdated operating models will turn into client-centric and cost-effective operations. Your time to market will shorten. All this can be done in weeks, not years – if you choose Neos as the right partner for your transformation.



You love technology but you are not sure where you fit? Let us help you find your right place!

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As Chairperson at Neos and representative of the Prosperus Growth Fund, Ivana Hatvalić Poljak is responsible for further growth and development regarding M&A activities, achieving synergies within the Prosperus Technology Group and actively positioning Neos as a recognized market leader. Privately, she is a big animal lover and a passionate amateur pastry chef.

Management Board Chairperson

Ivana Hatvalić Poljak

Davorin Capan is currently holding the title of Executive Manager in Neos, one of the leading Oracle Partners in the EMEA region with over 15 specialisations and numerous Oracle experts on staff. As a co-owner and one of the founders, he promotes running culture and hopes to finish IronMan (not the movie).


Davorin Capan

Dražen Marković is one of the founders and co-owner currently performing duties of a commercial director. He helps companies shape decision making using Advanced Analytics and DWH/BI, on-premise, private or public. Cycles and builds aquascapes.


Dražen Marković

For the last two decades, Mario has been trying to remake every company as a data-driven organisation. Data lets him improve existing products and services and identify new business opportunities. He loves to make decisions improving tools from data science projects. All about data warehousing, business intelligence and the like, our Mario. When he does not distil data, he rides cycles from fixies to hogs and is not half bad with a football.


Mario Mrljić

After two decades in the enterprise level IT, Kralj rules his field. As department manager Of Cloud/System, he enjoys Clouds, private and public, Database and system administration, and of course Linux. Ask him to take you fishing someday.

Cloud Systems Department Manager

Tomislav Kralj

When you integrate enterprise applications and systems for telco, government and financial, you must be Davor Stanić. His specialities are Java / JEE technologies, software design and architecture, product development, and smooth business operations. Davor is responsible for our growth in the application development segment. Rides a Fat Boy.

Software Engineering Department Director

Davor Stanić

Ivana runs a lot. Not just for exercise, but between departments, management and clients, Accounting, Support, Marketing, HR. She is our Head of Operations. Keeps everyone on the straight and narrow, with eyes on the prize. Knows all of Neos inside out.

Operations Manager

Ivana Ćirić Kovačević

Emina is always there for you. If you are doing an internship or moving up the food chain, she is the one you go to for advice. She is a master of people and projects. She cut her teeth in telco and financial companies before joining Neos. Amazingly limber, due to loads of Pilates. Avid mountaineer.

Software Engineering Department Manager

Emina Elezović

Mark Arbanas is Data Analytics Department Manager at NEOS and has been here almost from the beginning: setting up, modelling, analysing and working on BI & DWH reporting. His stack of database and analytics skills paired with software oriented project management holds an MA in Information Technology. When not mining data and managing projects, Mark likes to relax with a good book or a graphic novel.

Data Analytics Department Manager

Mark Arbanas

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