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Limitless opportunities of the Cloud

Dynamic market trends and growing expectations force businesses to constantly improve and implement innovations, introduce new services and present upgraded products to customers.

It is our mission to help each client to gain the freedom of the cloud. Using our experience and FinOps best practices, we become your guide. FinOps offers us necessary practices that facilitate your transition towards a truly ‘cloud-first’ strategy, bringing together technology, business and finance.


Cloud Strategy, Education & Consulting Services

Innovation is driven by efficiency, scalability and agility. This requires a partner with cloud-first experience. Neos provides the full spectrum of cloud strategy services, from selecting the right cloud vendors, architecture and security solutions. We will support you every step of the way, from designing the right cloud solution to building and integrating it. Once we have migrated you to the cloud, we continue to manage and monitor your cloud environments.

Cloud Infrastructure & Implementation Services

Moving to the cloud is a process that is customized for every organization. In order to build a cloud environment that aligns with your business objectives, we use our experience from multiple industries and countless cloud projects. Your cloud implementation journey is supported by a wide range of services. Take advantage of our simple turn-key solutions for disaster recovery and other cloud scenarios. We will also support your complex Cloud infrastructure and application deployments using cutting edge technologies like OKE and ADB.

Cloud Migration Services

A successful transition to the cloud implies zero impact to your business operations. To eliminate spending on expensive infrastructure and reduce the time your teams will require to adapt to the cloud environment, we have developed our CloudStart methodology. It enables quick, low cost-low risk method of migration. Whether it's your databases, applications, platforms or middleware, they will all be migrated from on-premise to the cloud with ease.

Cloud Management Services

Moving to the Cloud is just the first step. Instead of focusing on the technical and operational aspect of the cloud, you should focus on creating business opportunities, both within and without your company. Let us take care of everything else. We will keep your cloud running smoothly at all times, while you manage your cloud costs with the help of CloudVane, our solution that enables effortless Cost optimization and infrastructure management in a Multicloud Environment

CloudStart Methodology

To move or migrate you to the cloud, we use CloudStart Methodology, designed, tested and proven on countless projects.

With CloudStart, we’ll show you how cloud services can help you advance your business. Together, we will design the best cloud implementation strategy for you. As a result, you will have reduced infrastructure management cost while increasing your safety levels.

Finally, you will have increased physical security while maintaining performance standards and expanding your cloud platform.

View CloudStart Methodology



Focus on your business. Cloud services are available from virtually any location with internet access, allowing businesses to maximize their flexibility.


Using agile processes will speed up your work processes and increase your standards of quality. You will leave the competition far behind.


In the cloud your costs will be lower, since cloud deployments don’t require any physical infrastructure on site.


Work smarter, not harder. Our automation processes allow customers to do more with fewer resources.


Instead of focusing on maintaining an on-premises environment for your servers, you can now focus on further developing your products and services.


Cloud-based platforms ensure constant monitoring and regular updates, thus reducing risks and security breaches to an absolute minimum. All data is stored securely in the cloud, allowing you access from any location regardless of the condition of your infrastructure.



We’ll make sure you get the best solution.
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