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See through the Multicloud!


Optimize Cost and Manage Infrastructure in your Multicloud Environment

See the complete picture, down to the tiniest detail and workflow process. Automate policies to keep your Multicloud usage optimized and secure. Make all of the costs visible and controllable. Govern, analyse and manage spend, usage and security across your organization.

CloudVane is FinOps certified Platform

FinOps Technical Advisory Council approves CloudVane as a FinOps Certified Platform, thus acknowledging that it offers a broad set of features to help FinOps practitioners solve a wide range of cloud cost management challenges.

Built on FinOps Principles

See Clearly

Stay informed about your Multicloud costs and resources in order to make smart decisions. CloudVane’s dashboard brings you a single‑pane‑of‑glass view into cloud reports, budgets, budget thresholds and organization hierarchy.

Spend Wisely

CloudVane does the thinking for you and offers rightsizing recommendations, insights on resource usage, detects anomalies, enables reserved instance planning and show exactly how much you have saved in cloud cost and resources.

Manage Successfully

Operate your Multicloud with continuous improvement using CloudVane’s automation options, prevent overspending using resource actions and action groups, and automate day-to-day tasks using scheduler and notifications.

About CloudVane

Cost visibility – resource management – increased efficiency

How well do you manage your cloud(s), from cost to resources and efficiency? Take control of your Multicloud using the best cloud optimization practices and FinOps cloud management principles that CloudVane is built upon.

CloudVane brings all of your cloud data into a single pane of glass. It enables overall visibility of your cost so you can better manage your cloud through recommendations, reports, automatization and other features.

Start managing your Multicloud and make it a valuable asset to your business operations, team projects and future innovations.

How it works?


Business Mapping

Using cloud to promote innovation and achieve a competitive edge is only achieved if you map the Multicloud to your business correctly. Use CloudVane to associate your business architecture and your cloud usage.

Budgets and reports

With near‐real‐time visibility into you Multicloud cost you can accurately define budgets, actions and thresholds that will keep you on top of your spending. Notifications and reports eliminate any and all surprises regarding your cloud environments.


Witness the actual impact of using CloudVane on your monthly bill. Cut down your day‐to‐day tasks in order to maintain the consistency of your Multicloud operations. Continue to improve to increase efficiency and facilitate innovation.

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