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Free your developers and rest will follow

Developers’ freedom to come up with new ideas and approaches to problems are essential to innovation, even if you suspect that letting go of the reigns leads to chaos. With freedom comes the responsibility to learn best practices for development, testing, deployment and support.
If you want your developers to build high-quality software, making them directly responsible for the product, they still must follow best practices, test and deploy applications from the point of real understanding of the client’s business model.
Understanding the client’s business model is crucial for evaluating the usability of the new software. Quality is a core concern of software development, and you need to balance between control and developers’ freedom if you hope to achieve top quality results.

DevOps or don’t

DevOps helps balance developers’ freedom and operations. Many of the traditional functions are now being outsourced to cloud providers, maintaining shift focus on product development without wasting time on repetitive tasks. Many contemporary tools offer a way to develop, test and deploy our product much faster and with higher development standards. Such tools help with infrastructure automation, deployment automation, configuration management, testing, monitoring, logging.

Make onboarding possible
You need to incorporate them with best practices and standards in your company to help developers build better things. Teams that do not follow best practices and standards of a company lead it into chaos when introducing new tech, infrastructure, services, components. Delivery becomes impossible. Onboarding new developers to a project or a team is impossible with each developer writing code their way.

Decide on the new standards together

Now, if the team wants to introduce something new, you should give them the freedom to present their case to other teams. If others like their proposal, you should incorporate new standards. All teams should build and maintain tools for new technology and integrate new technology in projects together.

Standards save time

Standards and best practices don’t kill new ideas, and they help you, so you do not waste time or do the same things over and over again. Developers should have enough freedom to present new ideas, be directly responsible for their services and with development tools own their system from the code on their workstation to operating it in production.

You need to upgrade and modernize your business, incorporate standards and best practices; otherwise, your organization can’t go forward. Developers are critical to the success of your company, which means you need to give them tools and enough freedom to help them build high-quality software. You will get more done, spend far less time on repetitive things and your developers will feel way better.

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