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The World Is Moving to Containers: Go Container-Native with IBM Spectrum Fusion

Spectrum Fusion is a container-native software-defined storage hybrid cloud data platform for Red Hat OpenShift. It also supports S3-based object storage on-premises or in the cloud.

It brings together elements of three IBM software-defined products:

  • General Parallel File System (GPFS) – spans edge to core to cloud deployments,
  • catalogs and indexes metadata,
  • brings modern backup-and-restore capabilities.

Spectrum Fusion is offered as a bare metal deployment in an x86-based Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) appliance form factor or as pure software-defined storage (SDS) solution. You can manage both Spectrum Fusion versions through a single management portal.

Spectrum Fusion speeds up access to system resources across a hybrid cloud ecosystem. It accelerates application development and thus helps IT infrastructure and operations teams, as well as developers. With this solution, IBM combines its file system and data protection technology. The aim is to enable application deployment and data management across data centers, hybrid cloud, and edge infrastructure.

Some features of IBM Spectrum Fusion include:

  • Designed to be cloud-native from the ground up.
  • Storage designed for AI, which is now a mainstream enterprise workload. Keeping the powerful compute workhorses supplied with data requires storage designed for AI.
  • Targets the pain points that companies face as they increasingly move toward cloud-native storage and app solutions.
  • Made as a hyper-converged infrastructure system that can integrate computing, storage, and networking.
  • Integrates Red Hat OpenShift to support virtual machines, containers, and software-defined storage.
  • Integrated with IBM Cloud Satellite as well as Red Hat Advanced Cluster Manager (ACM).

Benefits include:

  • Application Data Portability
  • Application Flexibility – by way of connectivity to File/Object (S3 and NFS)
  • Enhanced security and resiliency
  • Efficient backup and data protection
  • Dynamic expansion – Any connected storage, expansion, or sharing enabled
  • All functionality is transparent to the user, no complexity, and no intervention by the storage administrator is needed – truly dynamic deployment.
  • Consumption is easily achieved, fluid, and without overhead.

Why opt for Spectrum Fusion

This solution manages data sets based on the most relevant storage tier. Storage architectures are evolving to meet the needs of cloud-native workloads. So, storage services must become container-native to meet the needs of cloud-native workloads.

IBM Spectrum Fusion provides the most important elements helping you to tackle the hassles faced when installing cloud-native architectures into the enterprise. Spectrum Fusion merges IBM’s core software-defined products: IBM Spectrum Scale’s unstructured data management functionalities, Spectrum Discover’s metadata management, and Spectrum Protect Plus with its modern data protection capabilities.

IBM offers some of the most compelling storage and data management solutions on the market. The performance you can trust and rely on provided by IBM’s storage products cannot be undervalued. IBM’s various Spectrum software offerings allow the company to respond swiftly to changing trends in IT architecture.

The innovation in storage today is software-driven, just the sort of solutions IBM is best at.

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