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Operational excellence in retail: Managed Cloud in Action – Case Study

Bridging Operational Gaps in Retail with Smart, Scalable Cloud Solutions


Explore the transformative journey of Studenac, a leading Croatian retail chain, through our comprehensive case study on how our Managed Cloud Solutions enabled Studenac to overcome all business and technical challenges and support their exponential growth and innovation.

This document delves into how Studenac, initially reliant on traditional on-premises technology, embraced Neos’ managed multi-cloud services to support its rapid expansion from a few hundred to over a thousand outlets. Learn about the challenges Studenac faced, from integrating new acquisitions to dealing with supply chain disruptions, and how a strategic partnership with Neos enabled them to overcome these obstacles through innovative cloud solutions, optimising performance, security, and cost management.

Uncover the pivotal factors prompting Studenac’s transition to a managed multi-cloud approach, encompassing the necessity for comprehensive integration, agile IT operations, customer retention, and data-centric decision-making. Learn how our assistance enabled Studenac to accomplish the following:

  • Created a universal integration layer for all future integrations.
  • Introduced multicloud strategy to drive innovation.
  • Managed Cloud services for Studenac to support business expansion.
  • Introduced FinOps and CloudVane for enhanced automation and improved cost management

Download this document and uncover the potential of managed cloud solutions to transform your business operations. Whether you’re facing similar challenges or are curious about the benefits of cloud technology, this case study offers valuable insights and real-world examples of cloud solutions in action.

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