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Meet RustRover – JetBrains' Dedicated Rust IDE

The long-awaited Rust Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is finally here! JetBrains is happy to introduce RustRover, a standalone IDE crafted exclusively for Rust enthusiasts.

RustRover preview

Download rust IDE

A Commercial IDE with Enhanced Features

RustRover aims to take JetBrains’ Rust support to the next level with future updates. To sustain JetBrains development efforts, RustRover will transition to a commercial model after the EAP period. Look out for it before September 2024.

Continuing Open-Source Support

The existing open-source Rust plugin will still be available on GitHub and the JetBrains Marketplace. While they maintain compatibility, JetBrains won’t actively add new features.

Support for IntelliJ IDEA and CLion

Install RustRover as a plugin in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate and try it in CLion during the preview period. JetBrans is exploring whether the plugin will continue to be available after RustRover’s official release.

RustRover EAP: Shape the Future with JetBrains team

Join RustRover Early Access Program (EAP) and help shape the future of Rust development. Try RustRover, provide feedback, and be part of this exciting journey. During the Public Preview phase, RustRover is completely free.

Exciting times await Rust developers with RustRover. Join in shaping the future of Rust IDEs!

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