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Major corporate consolidation completed by Neos

Neos acquires SV Group and Inovativni trendovi 

The integration between 3 Croatian IT companies, Neos d.o.o., SV Group d.o.o. and Inovativni trendovi d.o.o., which started in May and October 2022 respectively, was completed on December 29, 2022 with Neos’ acquisition of the two companies. 


Synergy of expertise and experience 

The consolidation of three companies, all of whom provide solutions and services to companies whose activities are dependent on IT technologies and solutions that directly support their business, has produced a strong IT regional leader with over 150 certified consultants and 400+ successfully executed projects in the EMEA region.  


These now combined competencies and know-how have been acquired over 20-year experience in their respective fields: Neos providing business solutions and services covering advanced analytics, software engineering and cloud and system infrastructure integration on Oracle and other platforms, SV Group providing extensive expertise of the IBM technology platform with specific specialisations and knowledge, and Inovativni trendovi contributing their specific knowledge of Java / Spring / Kafka technologies. 


Integration of two major Enterprise Technology vendors 

As the result of the acquisition, Neos has adopted SV Group’s status as an authorized and certified IBM Business Partner Solution Provider in Croatia. By integrating the IBM Platinum Business Partner status with the existing status as the leading Oracle partner in the region, Neos will deliver stability and growth through combined expertise and competencies to clients in the finance, insurance, telecommunication and public sectors. 


Building a Cloud Enablement & Growth Ecosystem 

Providing expert support at any point of a company’s cloud journey is a major part of Neos’ offering. This includes enabling companies to start their cloud journey and manage their (multi)cloud environments using a proprietary multicloud cost management and automation tool, CloudVane. Neos has started building a partner network with the goal of promoting smart cloud usage, which currently includes likeminded companies from the EMEA region. 


Comprehensive offering for a modern corporate landscape 

Through the consolidation of offering and integration of services, Neos is becoming a major competitor on the regional IT market. Firmly anchored in two global platforms, Oracle and IBM, and with a wide cloud-focused partnership network, Neos is an indispensable player in the IT and cloud market and provides solutions and services that enable companies on the regional market and beyond to thrive in the modern corporate landscape. 

“We celebrated 20 years of Neos just last month. This consolidation is a great way to start the next decade of Neos, which will be marked by further expansion to international markets and productization of acquired knowledge and products created through completed projects,” said Davorin Capan, Management Board member, co-founder and CEO of Neos. “There is much work ahead of us, and we are eager and excited to reach the full potential of Neos fuelled by the union of these three companies.” 
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