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Our management doesn’t really understand or support DevOps. What can I do

Nowadays the biggest advantage for any company is how fast you can create value for customers, same goes for software companies also. But turning idea to production is not so easy process, because being fast is not the only desirable characteristics. Among others your solution has to be reliable, secure and most importantly on time.

  • Not so long ago our path from idea to production require following sequential steps:
  • Requirements gathering and documentation
  • System design
  • Code and unit testing
  • System testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Bug fixes
  • Product delivery

In nutshell this led to slow software delivery process. Communication between business, development and operations takes place on many different levels and quite often produce confusion. Delivery and handoffs between different groups involved in overall process introduce noticeably waiting time and lead to further opportunity for hesitation and disruption. Slow, error-prone manual processes, delays, handoffs, unpredictable repair and fix cycle cause infrequent releases. And when large number of changes and fixes are infrequently released in a large batch, the go-live is always a time of high stress and is often followed by days and weeks of babysitting period and emergency patches. So in all these circumstances the question “What’s the matter with you software people, your projects always finish late! ” is understandable, because how business ever release features quickly and reliably under these circumstances ?

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