Neos healthy corner

October 5, 2018

Work, work, work… that’s pretty much we all do these days. Have you ever stopped and questioned yourself what you can do for yourself?

Well, probably you have but this is where the story ends!

We at Neos think about our own community and team so we decided to make a difference. To create a healthy and motivating work environment we provided some information on how to obtain your physical and mental health. We know that every person needs a break so an idea came up and we first got a play room and now also a healthy corner. So it wouldn’t be just talk talk talk we invited Nenad Bratković to show us how with small effort we can improve our body energy.

He talked and showed us in a small food demonstration that there are ways to eat healthy and maintain so necessary energy through the day. So here you go. It is not just work work work, at Neos it is also about maintaining positive work environment.