How Cloud, Analytics and A.I. are transforming Banking – Event organized by Neos

May 9, 2018

Yesterday in Budapest in partnership with Oracle, Neos was a “umbrella partner” of event How Cloud, Analytics and A.I. are transforming Banking. With two other Oracle partners, Qubix and CREApro, we presented how banks can use data to transform core banking processes.

The event opened Wiljo van Beek (Director Analytics and Big Data for Financial Services in EMEA) from Oracle with keynote session named How cloud is reshaping banking which was a great insight in other partners sessions that followed after. Maximizing customer value through data-driven marketing was title of presentation that was held by Uroš Breznik and demo by Barbara Frank from CREApro, who talked about client churn, and how the knowing your customer is key of reaching maximum customer lifetime value. Colleague from Qubix, Neil Sellers and had presentation “Predict and model future financial outcomes” where he had shown how data driven predictive planning can help you improve forecast accuracy and to lower economic uncertainty

And finally, in front of Neos was our CSO, Dražen Marković who talked about SNA analytics on clients’ transactions and showed Visualization demo. He explained to attendees how you can use Social Network Analysis and how you can use this method as platform to uncover insights about your customers. Basically, data that you already have contains hidden artifacts of underlying social network – the network of people using your services.

As we already previously mentioned, Social Network Analysis methodology is based on graph theory and can be used for analysis of client relationships. If applied on transactions clients undertake in their daily business operations, it can provide rich insight into the specific client’s business environment.

Event ended in good mood as it was during the hole time, hopefully there will be a lot of new opportunities where we can share our knowledge and expertise within Budapest.