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Exadata advantages

The Exadata Database Machine is an engineered system from Oracle, providing extensive benefits for running Oracle database workloads. Oracle Exadata is conceived to easy deploy and deliver the highest levels of database performance available.
The system is composed of database and storage servers, Infiniband fabric for storage networking and all other components required for Oracle database.
Exadata runs all types of database workloads including Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Data Warehousing (DW), In-Memory Analytics as well as consolidation of mixed workloads. Exadata can be purchased and deployed on premises as part of local infrastructure, or as Cloud at Customer form as foundation for private cloud, and also used as service in the Oracle Public Cloud.

    • Major Exadata benefits:
    • Flash Cache – comprised of solid-state disks. Caches hot data (data frequently used)
    • Storage index – utilizes min/max values to help queries run faster.
    • Smart scans – performed at hardware level by Oracle
    • Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) – data organized by hybrid of column and row formats and then compressed.
    • Security – Encrypted backup with change tracking file, in wich the storage nodes offer hardware decryption acceleration.
    • Utillities – CellCli is a command-line interface for queries at the hardware level and for monitoring various health metrics for individual cells. DCLI is for querying multiple cells, and ADR Command Interpreter is for diagnostics


Optimized for Oracle Database

While databases are growing, meaning more data, multiple copies etc, customers start to have need for more servers, more storage, more power. All that means more complexity, more costs, more risks of errors etc.
With an infrastructure engineered to work together with Oracle Database, Oracle Exadata delivers far more power with less hardware. It removes IT complexity, and deliver greater performance, scalability, security and data protection.

Workload performance and scale

Exadata increases employee productivity and helps grow revenues with less cost and complexity vs traditional approaches. Performance up to 100 times faster, lets customers possibility to access data more easily, and engage with customers more quickly.

Operationally efficient
Oracle Exadata delivers greater database and application performance with less hardware – and fewer licenses. With Oracle Exadata customers have the advantage in terms of easier upgrades, tuning, patching etc.. Scalability means newer models work with older models by design.

Availability and security

Data security and database uptime are crucial for business operations and revenue growth. There are too many points of control to monitor and maintain, and in most cases not enough budget for the specialist skills required to manage it.
With hardware and software working together, Exadata eliminates system downtime, using built-in resilience and redundancy. The benefits are manifested in less IT impact in managing downtime, less business impact from outages etc..

Ready for the cloud

Oracle Exadata offers the best of both, on-premises, and public cloud compatibility. Customers can buy and manage on-premise Oracle Exadata in the traditional way, or they can choose an Oracle Cloud and subscribe to the Oracle Database Cloud Exadata Service that is equivalent to on-premises Exadata, with different consumption model. With Cloud at Customer service delivered by Exadata Cloud Machine customers have on-premises consumption model equivalent to Public cloud, behind customers firewall.

NEOS is your partner

As Oracle awarded partner, we own several certificates and have certified personnel in Exadata platform and related architecture. We are committed to continuous investment in creating the best fitting and most secure infrastructure for your needs.
Our experience and knowledge will enable you to get the best benefits from Exadata platform, making your business future-proof. Talk with us!

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