Why move to cloud

The NOW Strategy - It’s no longer the big beating the small, but the fast beating the slow

The cloud is the foundational enabler of digital transformation projects and offers the scale and speed that is needed for businesses to focus on transformation; with a clear impact on the role of the IT department

Continuous growth of cloud platforms

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) adoption is predicted to be the fastest-growing sector of cloud platforms according to KPMG, growing from 32% in 2017 to 56% adoption in 2020.

Which steps to make to implement cloud?

Road to cloud. Start your journey today!

  • Lift and Shift

  • Weblogic Migration





  • bi in cloud

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Lift and shift

Lift&shift cloud migration approach is a term used for designating application migration without re-architecture or re-development. It is certainly the fastest path for enterprises to move to the cloud and reap the benefits of lower TCO and greater operational agility.

Lift&shift model represents approach by making a complete move to the public cloud. All compute and data will reside in a scalable infrastructure which means you will never have to deal with an infrastructure refresh again. NEOS can help you migrate workloads to cloud more efficiently using automation and best practices

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Weblogic Migration

Moving your WebLogic Server domains to the Oracle Cloud just got a whole easier. With Oracle WebLogic Server, Neos can deliver next-generation applications on a mission-critical cloud platform, simplify operations with native cloud management, and accelerate time to market with a modern development platform and integrated tools.

For existing customers currently running Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server on premises, Neos can help you to these applications simply be repackaged for a seamless deployment experience in the cloud.

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Oracle Developer Cloud (Oracle DevOps cloud) provides you with fully provisioned environment that helps you code, test, deploy and manage team in the cloud.

Unlike the traditional application development environment, Oracle DevOps cloud reduces complexity in term of development infrastructure installation/maintenance and configuration, and thus the risk of failure. Use Oracle Developer Cloud Service to create and administer the configurations for your code repositories, continuous integration, testing, building, and deployment for all stages of your development and helps your team produce a superior product, on time.

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Backup to cloud

Critical thing to ensure your enterprise is disaster ready is to have an off-site backup which is accessible 24x7. Oracle Backup to Cloud complements an existing backup procedure by providing an off-site backup location in the cloud. This backup solution provides secure, scalable and on-demand backup solution to ensure your business-critical data is accessible whenever and wherever you need it from its secure location in the public cloud.

There is no need for writing backups to tape solutions and transportation to a secure off-site location, your secure off-site location is one click away by using Oracle Cloud as Backup solution.

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Disaster recovery

The Oracle Cloud offers a great alternative for hosting standby databases for customers who do not have a DR site or who prefer not to deal with the cost or complexity of managing a remote data center.

Existing production databases remain on-premises and standby databases used for DR are deployed on the Oracle Cloud. This mode of deployment is commonly referred to as a hybrid cloud implementation. Neos can help you with securing your business continuity by implementing Oracle Disaster Recovery solution.

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Can’t move your data or applications to the public cloud? The Cloud Can Come To You. Let Oracle provide the public cloud behind your firewall with Oracle Cloud at Customer. You stay in control of your data and where it is located. Oracle delivers and manages the services based on how you want to operate, and you subscribe only to the infrastructure, platform, and software services you need.

Neos can help you with readiness evaluation,architecture design, network topology, consolidation, migration and integration.

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BI in cloud

Cloud BI offers some significant advantages over on-premise applications. Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service is just what you need for your business. Use your dashboards and visualizations for business analysis so you can have an easy way to act on data.

NEOS is providing solutions, consultancy & implementation services related to DW, BI and related systems in different industries – including financial industry and telecom industry – which are our largest customers.

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Cloud steps

  • 1

    Business requirements and current situation

    Analyse business processes and existing IT infrastructure.

  • 2

    Assessment and blueprint

    Advise on future solutions architectures. Show cloud solution within the overall context (IT Blueprint)

  • 3

    Definition of cloud solutions.

    Design a target cloud architecture and determine service parameters.

  • 4

    Migration planning

    Plan the migration using a roadmap.

  • 5

    Implemen- tation of the cloud project

    Implement and monitor and watch your migration into the cloud.

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neos multicloud

NEOS has embraced a multi-cloud approach as the best solution for its digital transformation strategy. A multi-cloud strategy enables companies to create the best cloud solution for their workloads. With thoughtful configuration and management, multi-cloud architected solutions enable Neos to distribute workload across multiple Cloud solutions.Multi-cloud enables NEOS to realize the full promise of the cloud – offering true flexibility to scale, improve performance, and reduce costs.