Why move to cloud

The NOW Strategy - It’s no longer the big beating the small, but the fast beating the slow

The cloud is the foundational enabler of digital transformation projects and offers the scale and speed that is needed for businesses to focus on transformation; with a clear impact on the role of the IT department

Continuous growth of cloud platforms

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) adoption is predicted to be the fastest-growing sector of cloud platforms according to KPMG, growing from 32% in 2017 to 56% adoption in 2020.

Which steps to make to implement cloud?

Road to cloud. Start your journey today!

  • Move & Improve

  • PSD2 API

  • DevOps

  • Backup to Cloud

  • Business Continuity

  • Cloud at Customer

  • BI in Cloud

  • Big Data in Cloud

  • SNA Cloud

  • Process Behavior Prediction

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Move & Improve

For companies looking to improve their operation, running Oracle Forms or other legacy technologies on the cloud is a viable option with new features we've added through Move & Improve

By Migrate & Improve, Oracle Forms is upgraded to newest version, and deployed to modern Cloud platform. Process supports migration from Windows to Linux environment, to lower the cost of licensing and support even more, improve security and future maintenance etc. Oracle database containing repository is upgraded and migrated as required with new Forms/Reports version, and migration of Oracle database instance containing data is included into offering (for typical instance complexity). System is prepared in a way that IT involvement is not needed for daily operation.

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Neos PSD2 API compliance solution is right answer to unleashing Open Banking potential benefits to alternative financial services without long, complicated and expensive implementation process, providing extensive benefits for the bank. It is modern API Lifecycle Management solution based on Oracle API Cloud Platform, providing best from both worlds - Cloud and on-premise - for development and deployment of API solutions.

Solution provides APIs defined as mandatory in Berlin Group Standard, but it is also open to other uses beyond the pure PSD2/Open Banking requirement. This will allow the bank to use this investment also to promote new monetizable APIs for client- facing mobile or browser-based applications or improve existing API solutions to one modern platform.

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Nowadays working on software quality improvement and reducing risk in your application development is not easy. Aim of modern DevOps with Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) is to provide a smart and short development lifecycle, and receive rapid feedback so that when improvement of functionality is needed, it is provided as soon as possible.

Neos DevOps Cloud provides fully provisioned, modern application development platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, supporting Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) that helps you code, test, deploy and manage team in the cloud.

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Backup to Cloud

Critical thing to ensure that enterprise is disaster-ready, is to have an off-site backup which is accessible 24x7. Oracle Backup to Cloud complements an existing backup procedure by providing an off-site backup location in the cloud.

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Business Continuity

Estimation is that 40% to 60% of businesses disrupted by a disaster without a continuity plan, never reopen. In fact, companies that can’t resume operations within ten days of a disaster’s first impact are not likely to survive. However, establishing disaster recovery site is complex and expensive. By creating or moving your disaster recovery site to cloud, companies significantly improve their Business Continuity plan, and in the same time lower the TCO.

The Oracle Cloud offers a great alternative for hosting standby operation support and Neos Business Continuity solution provides platform for establishing such support with minimum effort and maximal efficiency.

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Cloud at Customer

External and internal regulations and compliance rules dictate if production data can be used off-premise and moved to cloud. If this is not a possibility, Oracle provides all of the public cloud functionality staying compliant at the same time with its Cloud at Customer offerings. Simply, specific appliances are delivered and installed on-site, providing necessary functionality, while Oracle manages it and client uses them in cloud metrics, all safe behind client's firewall. Data stays in client's data center, with full control of the client's personnel, compliant to all regulations and operational rules.

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BI in cloud

Cloud-based BI and analytics offers some significant advantages over on-premise applications. If applications are moved or developed and running in cloud environment, it is natural to also establish BI and analytics layer in cloud environment. But even for on-premise applications, utilizing cloud services like Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud service, provide significant cost optimization and reduction compared to on-premise solution. IT personnel is liberated from daily routine maintenance tasks, opening possibilities for better improvement and optimization for business support. Oracle Cloud as platform for Neos BI in Cloud is ideal combination for business improvement as platform is managed by autonomous processes, and at the same time, running it as infrastructure-free platform significantly improves flexibility and elasticity for data growth, with reduced cost and improved ROI.

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Big Data in Cloud

Improve your BigData DevOps processes by migrating R&D to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, use same Cloudera versions as on Oracle BDA. Cloud-based R&D provides flexibility and agility needed to quickly align to growing business requirements and market changes empowered by scalability of both Cloudera and Oracle Cloud. Easily and reliably deploy developed solutions to on-premise Oracle Big Data Appliance, if required by external or internal compliance rules, with accurately comparable performance between environments.

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SNA Cloud

Neos SNA Cloud enables new and modern insight into customer base through behavioral analysis, providing also enrichment of customer data in the legacy systems like CRM. This approach enables modern marketing activities by targeting selected specific segments of customer base not visible to traditional analytics methods - detection of influencers, prediction of customer behavior and churn, cross-sell and up-sell, SNA-based marketing and other. Neos SNA Cloud provides improvement of customer retention through analysis based on machine learning algorithms, with all complexity hidden behind portal-based user interface. This approach provides business users with data and parameter management and analysis of calculated results, without engaging IT in daily operations.

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Process Behavior Prediction

Dependence of our world on automation is constantly and rapidly growing. To achieve business benefits, it is not important only to collect data from IoT sensors and general business-generated data and bring it into context, it is necessary to provide reliable prediction of your process behavior in the future, by using automated machine-learning engine with reliable outcomes which provide real business benefits, like stock optimization, process and facilities cost control, etc. NEOS has prepared solution that can ingest data produced by processes, store that data, and using different machine learning algorithms, make predictions for specific outcomes. By using modern web-based user interface, providing business users with data and parameter management and analysis of calculated results, there is no need for engaging IT in daily operations.

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neos multicloud

NEOS has embraced a multi-cloud approach as the best solution for its digital transformation strategy. A multi-cloud strategy enables companies to create the best cloud solution for their workloads. With thoughtful configuration and management, multi-cloud architected solutions enable Neos to distribute workload across multiple Cloud solutions.Multi-cloud enables NEOS to realize the full promise of the cloud – offering true flexibility to scale, improve performance, and reduce costs.