AI2FUTURE conference 2018

October 14, 2018

AI2FUTURE 2018 conference was held at AlgebraLAB kolektiva in Zagreb on 11th and 12th of October. This was the second conference on AI in Zagreb. Regarding the last year’s conference, this one was even better and covered themes such as autonomous cars, applied robotics, AI in agriculture through machine learning and even emotion analysis where you ask yourself how exactly emotion analysis contribute to the humanities, for instance in literary studies that was part of session from Roman Klinger (University of Stuttgart).

AI conference had 2 panels. The first one was about Future of AI business and the second one was about Challenges and the role of education in the various expansion of AI technology – are we ready?

Ramanathan Srinivasan (Co-founder of ZASTI) opened the conference with his session “Will AI Startups Fail?”. We found out about 5 different reasons why AI projects have failed and how to avoid those reasons. Since Srinivasan has 7-year experience in AI world, he shared with the audience real world scenarios that caused roadblocks for the success of AI projects.

Really interesting session Fully Autonomous Driving: Reality or Fiction?, was held by Davor Andrić (Head of AI&Analytics, DXO Technology). He got us thinking how in 2021 we wouldn’t be drivers anymore and pretty much we will all shout shotgun, in other words we will only be co-drivers in our own car.

Conference also covered ongoing hot theme – Machine Learning. In words of Marko Bohanec (Salvirt): “The process of business to business (B2B) sales forecasting is a complex decision-making process, frequently done judgmentally. It can be modelled as a classification problem in machine learning (ML), building upon sales history to predict an outcome for new sales opportunities.”. Bohanec showed us how we can support decision-maker with explanation of ML predictions. He also talked about enabling interactive evaluation of decision options.

The session that also needs to be mentioned is by Davor Runje (DRAP. AI), who is one of the carriers of AI community, especially in Croatia. In his session “AI Beyond the Hype:What is possible?” he shared with attendees what you can accomplish with AI and pointed out several good strategies on how to build sustainable and defendable business based on AI systems.

We are happy that we participated in this event where have been many remarkable speakers from the region and great sessions. We look forward to next year.

Our Neos team at the conference included Ana Marija Galić, Uglješa Mostarac, Mateja Končurat, Matea Lustek and Laren Zuliani.