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Advancing Digital Transformation Goals: Insights from Oracle CloudWorld Tour Dubai 2024

Spotlight on AI and Cloud

The Oracle CloudWorld Tour Dubai, held on January 23rd, 2024, was the first leg of this year’s Oracle CloudWorld tour, a series of one-day events that bring learning, connections and inspiration around the globe with technology experts, industry leaders, and Oracle customers. The event focused on the forefront of digital innovation, with a special emphasis on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud technologies.

Partner Success Summit

The prelude to the Oracle CloudWorld Tour event was the Partner Success Summit, which was aimed at senior executives in the Oracle partner ecosystem. It featured compelling success stories from diverse customers.

During the strategy panel update, one standout statistic by Richard Smith, EVP of Technology EMEA, caught our attention: Oracle is currently onboarding an impressive 3,000 new OCI customers per month to the Oracle Cloud. This reflects the growing momentum of cloud adoption and underscores Oracle’s commitment to innovation and customer success.

Highlights of the Main Event

The Oracle CloudWorld Tour Dubai underscored Oracle’s commitment to the United Arab Emirates (UAE)’s digital transformation goals, aiming to significantly enhance the contribution of the digital economy to the nation’s non-oil GDP. Highlighting the strategic importance of the UAE in the global technology landscape, Oracle presented its latest cloud solutions and innovations.

With sessions covering a broad spectrum of topics, from cloud infrastructure to applications, the event showcased the dynamic potential of AI and cloud technologies to shape the future of businesses and economies in the Middle East and beyond.

A Commitment to Tech Excellence

Neos’s presence at Oracle CloudWorld tour events in markets where it operates underlines the company’s commitment to adopting cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead in a competitive landscape. Such events serve as a link between Oracle and its partners, including Neos, showcasing a united front in pushing the boundaries of digital innovation to achieve substantial economic growth and transformation in the region and beyond.


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