Journey to the cloud – Neos success story

March 15, 2018

Cloud is the catalyst. If we remind ourselves about Oracle Open World 2017 conference, then one of the most talked subject was transforming your business by taking it to the Cloud. To quote Oracle: „Oracle cloud isn’t just another technology platform. It’s a catalyst for reimagining business. Disrupting existing systems and old ways of doing things and provides the agility, flexibility and scalability to transform business. Cloud is the catalyst. Digital is the mindset. Transformation is what’s next. “

Since we at Neos worked hard and followed Oracle in its path of business digitalization through cloud, we were part of Oracle’s success story about our journey to the cloud.

Our CEO, Davorin Capan talked about cloud journey of the Croatian Monetary Institute. In this short video you will find how Neos cloud experts helped The Institute move to the cloud and what benefits the Institute gained from doing so.

Check out how Davorin nicely explained that journey to cloud.