Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications – Infrastructure, Profitability Manager & FTP

Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications – Infrastructure, Profitability Manager & FTP
Intended for Technical Consultants, Implementators
Prerequisites Business knowledge about related business concepts
Duration 5 days
Code EDU_201

The course is intended for business and technical users of OFSAA, giving overview
of basic architecture, modules and functionalities with detailed technical insight and
recommendations based on implementation experiences and best practices.
Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications delivers a powerful combination of
technology and comprehensive, pre-integrated business applications – designed specifically
for banks, and built with open standards. Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications
enable financial institutions to measure and meet risk-adjusted performance objectives, lower
the costs of compliance and regulation, and improve insight into customer behaviour.
This course presents the basics of Oracle Financial Analytics Applications (OFSAA) including
following modules:

  • OFSAA Infrastructure
  • OFSAA Fund Transfer Pricing module
  • OFSAA Profitability Manager module

You will learn about OFSAA general concepts, architecture, modules and the advantages of
using OFSAA as integrated solution for profitability measurement in financial industry.
You will also learn how to create and use different modules for calculating Fund Transfer
prices and also defining allocations of P&L items.
The course is organized in a way that each module/functionality is presented by the instructor
and also each participant will have demo environment installed on their personal laptop
in order to be able to work on prepared exercises to gain hands-on knowledge of OFSAA
system implementation and usage.
The raining is held by an instructor having hands-on experience in implementation of OFSAAbased
project and following are key course characteristics:

  • Sessions are based on instructor lead lectures and student practices
  • Each participant works on private demo environment
  • Each lesson is based on real demo business cases
  • Both business and technical aspects are covered during sessions


OFSAA Modules and Concepts

  • Basic Concepts and Architecture
  • Physical and Logical Architecture
  • Technology platform and installation process
  • Implementation phases and approach

OFSAA Data Model

  • Dimension Tables
  • Fact/Transaction Tables
  • Data Model customization
  • Physical Data Model implementation and optimization

OFSAA Infrastructure

  • Overview
  • Dimensions, Attributes, Hierarchies
  • Filters, Expressions, Rate Management
  • Data Integrator (ETL transformations) and Batches
  • User profiles, roles, security

OFSAA Fund Transfer Pricing Module

  • Overview of TP Process
  • TP Methodologies and Rules
  • FTP Adjustments definitions
  • Demonstration of creating FTP objects

OFSAA Profitability Manager Module

  • Overview of Profitability Manager Module
  • Definition of allocation rules, allocation types
  • Allocation results monitoring and analysis
  • Demonstration of creating allocation rules

Administration and Monitoring

  • Administration console
  • Log files and tables locations and purpose
  • Basic problem/error resolving