NEOS Profitability Insight

NEOS Profitability Insight offers specific insight in profitability data calculated by OFSAA modules.

It is complementing OFSAA functionalities by providing OFSAA clients broader analytical and reporting capabilities. It offers deeper level of information, and unmatched customization capabilities.

Profitability Insight is developed by NEOS using Oracle technology stack, providing data model and analytical platform that is highly customizable and can be easily expanded to suit company’s needs as business expands and evolves.

Based on best practices and long-term experience, NEOS Profitability Insight has large number of pre-built dashboards, reports and KPIs related to multidimensional profitability analysis.

NEOS Profitability Insight components

  • PI Data Model
  • PI ETL (loading & calculation procedures)
  • Reporting Data Model
  • Predefined Reports/Analysis

Key facts

  • Easy customizable and guided implementation
  • Short implementation timeframe
  • Word-class best practices based Profitability Analysis Solution
  • Tailored to specific customer business definitions
  • Enables multidimensional and multilevel Profitability Insight
  • Sourced from OFSAA or other P&L calculation module
  • Based on number implementation projects
  • Implementation Team with specific business and technical knowledge


  • Organization Unit / Network Profitability
  • Product Profitability
  • Business Unit Profitability
  • Treasury / Funding Center Profitability
  • Customer Representative Profitability
  • Customer Group Profitability
  • Customer & Account Profitability

Each dashboard contains multiple standardized and custom pages.

All those facts make NEOS Profitability Insight best industry solution for financial reporting based on OFSAA profitability calculation.