DW/BI Solutions

NEOS has developed a set of products, for enabling client’s independent access to information with a better business support and decision-making goals.

Those products and solutions were based and developed on best practices proven in real-world projects successfully implemented in very large DW/BI environments. All of them are in production for many years, with full lifecycle support, providing business stability to our customers. All of them have experienced technological upgrades through several generations, providing future-safe investment.

Standardized DW models

NEOS provides to its customers standardized data models to diverse subject areas related to Telecom, Financial and other industries. Models cover CRM, campaign, sales, billing, profitability, and other areas. Such models can guarantee more rapid, less risky DW and BI implementations.

However, such models can in some cases lead to less flexible systems. As NEOS is author and supports its models in diverse and specific environments, it can easily fine-tune specific model to specific implementation case. Models are not bulky, they are flexible and can be easily extended to support additional business requirements at implementation time or in the future, according to ever-changing business requirements.

This brings best of both worlds – pre-built standardized models that can be used and adjusted to specific business case with little time and effort compared to model design from the scratch.

NEOS DW-BI Framework

Neos BI Framework is product based on over more than 10 years of experience in projects of DW/BI system design and implementation. Main goal is to leverage pre-built modules and best practices in all project phases guaranteeing successful implementation and future flexibility and system maintainability.

Neos BI Framework is providing data model and DW platform that is highly customizable and can be easily expanded to suit company’s needs as business expands and evolves.

Key components are:

  • Design and implementation standards,
  • Pre-built standardized ETL modules (for several leading ETL tools),
  • Logical and physical implementation methodology,
  • Unified Repository,
  • Execution and maintenance agents,
  • DW Admin Console.

Based on best practices and long-term experience, Neos BI Framework has large number of pre-built components, enabling rapid DW/BI project start and development, with uncompromised quality and significant reduction of project risks.

NEOS Data Quality

NEOS DQ module allows data quality improvement in the DW system (and other systms), using several types of business and information rules for data monitoring. NEOS Data Quality module can be used in conjunction to NEOS BI Framework, or as a separate product.

The DQ module includes the following components:

  • Metadata repository – basis and external tables for data quality evaluation, data rules and dependant data
  • Module for data quality control and logging of results
  • BI graphical interface for implementation monitoring and review of evaluation results

In comparison to the “manual” approach in which data quality is checked sporadically and/or manually, the specialized DQ module has the following comparative advantages:

  • The rules are documented in the repository and can be viewed through the graphical interface
  • Ready-made templates for all rule types make their entry quicker and easier
  • For each rule its scope and critical threshold are defined (number or percentage of permitted incorrect entries) which determine the output evaluation status
  • Rules are simply activated/deactivated
  • DQ evaluation results in output statistics, output table/rule statuses and detailed logging of incorrect entries
  • Rules are not evaluated and logged in sequences but in bulk, which results in extraordinary performance
  • Optional monitoring module contains a set of predefined operative reports and interactive monitoring panels with advanced analytical possibilities

Benefits that usage of such system brings to DW systems, and other systems that are using it or are connected to DW system, as sources are numerous. DQ rules are defined and maintained by business users, releasing precious time and IT resources. Rules are extremely flexible and support simplest to most complex combinations. Rules are enforced on data uniformly as pre-defined, with flexible logging and stats tracking. Data quality issues can be easily provided back to source systems and corrected on in place of origin, improving source systems themselves.

NEOS DQ module can be easily integrated in complex DW system environments, ensuring one of the most important parameters in DW system lifecycle – constant data quality monitoring and improvement.