Unified Repository

Unified repository is heart of the NEOS BI Framework. It is used for automation and support of the entire Data Warehouse operation.

Unified repository provides deep forensic insight in the execution of DW processes and other DW segments. This is achieved by establishing a dedicated custom database repository, which consists of sets of tables and code elements. They support and enforce all defined conventions and standards to which all data integration development and execution is governed by. Unified repository supports different types of execution and monitoring controls. All functionalities are tightly integrated with chosen data integration platform (Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Warehouse Builder, Informatica).

DW operations can be triggered by automated agents or manually – repository is always monitoring and recording all necessary data flows and logs. During ETL and other DW operations, metadata (such are process execution control parameters) is being read from unified repository, and execution-driven information is written back to repository.

Data in unified repository is used by other Neos BI Framework components and tools, such is Neos DW-BI Console, which is used for visualization of the DW operation – real-time execution monitoring, administration and statistical operation analysis.

Key facts and benefits:

  • Used as repository for DW operation monitoring, forensic and statistical analysis, and administration support
  • Ensures data integration/ETL process execution consistency
  • Automatically updated during DW operation
  • Contains extensive logging and monitoring parameters
  • Supports multiple data integration/ETL tools