Administration & Monitoring

NEOS DW Admin console allows real-time DW system monitoring, administration and reviewing of process performance statistic. It enables system administrators to perform daily operations using a well laid out, modern graphical interface.

Without a tool like NEOS DW Admin Console, system administrators must use development ETL interfaces and tools for database management (such as Oracle Enterprise Manager). However, they mostly relied on “manual” queries and tools such as Oracle SQL Developer, TOAD and similar. In addition to standard actions performed in a DW system, it is also necessary to administer all metadata defined in the repository of NEOS BI Environment (process performance status, time period fed, preconditions fulfilled/not fulfilled, errors etc.).

Therefore, NEOS has developed a separate module – DW Admin Console – with a goal to simplify monitoring and administration of the DW system. NEOS DW Admin Console enables performing of all monitoring and administration tasks through a well laid out and flexible graphical interface, available through an Internet browser. The DW Admin console was developed as a modern Java application that can be run using practically any application server. Both numerical and graphical views are supported, together with a dynamic data refreshing. Being a “light” application, DW system administration and monitoring can easily be done remotely.

That way DW system administrators do not have to use other interfaces, intended for development and not administration/monitoring. Besides streamlining and simplifying their tasks, great benefit is also that development ETL tools are avoided for those tasks, which are normally intended for very limited usage on production systems.

The basic functionalities provided by NEOS DW Admin Console:

  • Process monitoring depending on status (active, error, completed)
  • Error review, if it occurs
  • Process interdependence monitoring
  • Review of performance statistic for chosen process (average time, expected time and status of performance etc.)
  • Manual stopping/starting of processes
  • Interactive initiating of processes for several time segments

NEOS DW Admin Console supports three main functionalities:

  • Monitoring
  • Administration
  • Statistics