DW/BI Consulting

NEOS is providing consultancy & implementation services related to DW, BI, EPM and related systems in different industries – including financial industry and telecom industry – which are our largest customers.

We are providing this kind of services for more than 10 years having number of successfully finished projects behind us. In this chapter we will explain few key concepts based on our experience and common best practices related to DW/BI system implementation.

Consulting field refers to services that include:

Assessment of BI & DW system readiness

Before any major BI/DW system implementation, NEOS provides its clients with readiness assessment services. They are also provided as separate services, when client wishes to assess its business and IT situation regarding forthcoming implementation of BI/DW solution, during BI/DW platform selection, etc.

BI & DW system planning and implementation

Standard consulting services provided by NEOS during BI/DW system implementation projects.

Selection of technology

Standard consulting services provided by NEOS during BI/DW system implementation projects. Technology selection is one of the decisions, which should be dependent on business needs, benefits expected from BI/DW system, platform already in use by client (existing expertise) and other factors, usually more important than product features lists.

Existing BI & DW environment assessment with health-check

NEOS provides assessment and health-check of existing BI/DW systems to clients encountering ETL bottlenecks, BI reporting sluggish response, data-quality problems etc. As expert in Oracle technology, we can provide deep system analysis and recommendation reports and actions, which can in general bring significant improvements.

Data governance and data quality

Quality of data imported to DW system is crucial to DW/BI system success with end-users. With multiple and diversified sources, it is necessary to establish data quality, data management, data policies and other methods of ensuring that data is prepared before, during and after import to DW system, depending of method, technology and/or product used. NEOS provides its clients with extensive knowledge and experience regarding mentioned fields.

BI & DW education

NEOS offers standard trainings covering general and specific DW/BI topics. They extend from basic BI/DW concepts, to specific trainings regarding implementation of NEOS BI Framework, and other products in this field.

NEOS as DW/BI education partner

Besides DW/BI modules implementation, Neos is author and owner of NEOS DW/BI Framework specific hands-on training related to DW architecture, development and best practices, which was held to Oracle partners and customers. Neos experts are also Oracle University instructors on standard Oracle technology tools related to DW and ETL.

Training/Education is in form of:

  • Resentations lead by instructor with examples demonstrated on demo environment
  • Practices executed by participants on local environment or demo server
  • Questions answered on specific topics of interest

In DW & BI area, training is intended for implementators, as well as business and technical users of Neos DW/BI Framework and related Neos solutions, giving overview on basic architecture, modules and functionalities with detail technical insight and recommendations based on implementation experiences and best practices. Target audiences are technical consultants/implementators with basic DW/BI knowledge about related business concepts.

Brief description of the training schedule and topics that are covered during training:

  • DW/BI concepts
  • Neos approach in DW/BI projects
  • ETL/ELT concepts
  • Neos DW/BI Framework Modules and Concepts
  • Data Quality in DW projects
  • Administration and Monitoring