Facebook is the biggest social networking website intended to connect friends, family, and business associates. With an amount of users close to one billion its significance and potential in business is enormous. In spite of that fact there is no official Java based API for Facebook.

That is the reason why we at Neos developed our framework for connecting to Facebook written purely in Java. It is fully functional and its functionalities include:

  • Authorization
  • Permission aware services
  • Configurable multi-application support
  • JPA model
  • JSON to POJO conversion
  • Support for various user actions
  • Open Graph support

One of this framework’s key benefits is its ability to easily integrate with Enterprise Edition Java so it uses some of its features like:

  • Session Beans
  • Message Beans
  • Timers
  • JPA

With that kind of JEE integration it is possible to get data persistence, real-time data processing and support for rich statistical reports about all kinds of data, actions and interactions on Facebook.