A 2011 IBM CMO study showed that enhancing customer loyalty is top priority for CMOs. With the rise of social media marketing, it became hard for brands to distinguish which fans who liked their Facebook page or followed them on Twitter actually bought their products or services or made a profound consumer-brand interaction with led to loyalty.

Brands require different approach – one that effectively uses loyalty management tools to identify, influence and track consumers on digital channels. Our platform BrandON helps brands not only to target the best customers but gives the insights which digital channels deliver better ROI.
BrandON is scalable social loyalty platform with integrated advanced social media monitoring analytics and consumer social data profiling – distinguishing among different types of consumer profiles on social media channels, at the same time providing qualitative data how to interact with different consumer types.

BrandON has the ability, based on actionable insights, not only to reward in real-time positive consumer behavior but also to detect possible brand ambassadors who have the highest impact on brand within their online social circle.

Beside rewarding consumers for offline purchases, brands can also choose to reward them for positive, brand-related social behavior within consumers’ own online social circle thus creating fully integrated 360° retention approach. Platform is developed using open source/Java/Oracle solutions. With BrandON social loyalty solution possibilities for brands are really endless.

Platform is fully integrated with leading social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and FourSquare (other networks can be added too), which allows brands to efficiently launch network-specific promotions as well as monitor conversations their consumers are having on those networks.