New applications development does not necessarily have to be lasting and tedious task where you first have to learn how to use new technology, master it, and then find a way to incorporate it in your business environment. Neos has designed and developed a methodology of enterprise application development based on the Oracle ADF technology. We have also created a library of reusable components and modules that together make a unique product, ADF KickStart.

Although a great part of Croatian users still work with Oracle Forms, Oracle ADF as a strategic development platform is an inevitable future. Surely you have already faced questions such as: “How to start developing an application on the ADF?”, “How to move over from Forms to ADF Faces and how to make it short and painless?”

Neos, as the most ADF experienced Croatian IT company, has created a solution called ADF Kickstart that will make it possible to have a fast start in business application development as well as help the development team to focus mostly on business demands implementation.

The product contains

  • Predefined basic standard enterprise application components
  • Development templates based on the best cases from practice
  • Development methodology with usage guidelines
  • Training and workshop as well as the complete product documentation
  • Compatibility with new versions of the Oracle ADF development environment
  • Usage support and consulting

On the logical level, ADF KickStart is made of modules covering particular units:

  • Users – definition and work with system users, passwords, parts, etc.
  • Modules – application components and actions, forms, reports, basic procedures, etc.
  • Parameters – system and user parameters, basic system settings
  • Multilanguage – application languages (interface, messages, errors), translations, user settings
  • Email – automatic email sending from the application and email editing
  • SMS – sending and receiving SMS messages via Gateway
  • Scheduler – definition, execution, controlling and deleting the default processes
  • Log&Audit – system and user login on more than one level, audit and optional detailed audit on a particular module level, overview and search of the log and audit data
  • Monitoring console – provides a simple overview and system components administration through an atractive user interface


Neos ADF KickStart 1.0. is planned to be update with following key features

  • Mailing (mass mailing, mail statistics and analysis)
  • Social network connectors (link KickStart users with they Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… profile with ability to collect various users statistics)
  • Support for ADF Essentials (migrating from WebLogic to GlassFish)

Neos ADF KickStart 1.0. works on and supports the following versions

  • Oracle Database 11g R2
  • Oracle Solaris 11
  • Oracle Weblogic Server 11g R1
  • Oracle Linux 5.5.
  • Virtual Machine
  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud
  • Oracle SPARC Supercluster

adfkickstart-12 adfkickstart-11 adfkickstart-10 adfkickstart-9 adfkickstart-8 adfkickstart-7 adfkickstart-6 adfkickstart-5

Developing on the Oracle platform? For internal needs or external users and market? Want to use Java and ADF technologies on the WebLogic infrastructure? Contact us.