Enterprise Web Application

Enterprise applications are typically business-oriented tools which provide software that contains business logic for an enterprise. They are centrally managed and often interact with other enterprise software.

In the world of information technology, enterprise applications must be designed, built, and produced for less money, with greater speed, and with fewer resources. It is imperative to manage and enhance business operations that are becoming increasingly complex in today’s competitive world. An effective software product can solve a thousand problems, as it is becoming the driving force of current economy.

Since the birth of Java web development platform, it is designed to form the backbone of enterprise web applications. Without any doubts, Java Enterprise Web Development platform is being used by more than 80% of large enterprises for their mission critical and enterprise level web based applications.

We at Neos use Java / JEE as technological base for almost all our solutions. We follow the best practice and industry recommendations in writing standards-based web and enterprise applications that can be accessed from a wide range of clients such as web browsers, mobile devices and more.