ZABA – BI consulting

About the client

Zagrebačka banka is the leading bank in Croatia, according to the quality of products and services, technological innovation, a network of self-service machines and business results. As a member of UniCredit Group, one of the most successful financial groups in Europe, Zagrebačka banka is one of the leading banks in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

The challenge

Neos has been present in Zagrebačka banka since mid 2009 when we joined the Niše project as consultants.

The Niše project includes making management reports for profitability tracking, created in the form of management summaries and detailed reports. Reports are intended for the Controlling department and Board of managers, for KPI tracking, business results realised in a certain period of time compared to the planned results, as well as to the results realised in the previous periods.

In addition to this report segment, Neos is included at Zagrebačka banka in several projects related to business intelligence and management reporting (BI) and data warehouse (DW).

The solution

Neos has many years of experience in BI and DW areas, with a lot of successful complex projects completion. In addition, we have expert knowledge of Oracle and other technologies on which these projects are in large part based on.

The reports within Niše project were created using the Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI EE), within which Dashboards, Answers and BI Publisher are located. They are all used extensively in the reporting system.

Reports can draw on several sources, most notable ones being Oracle Essbase (Hyperion part of the portfolio), in which the OLAP cubes were prepared for this purpose, and IBM DB2 database.

Neos got a chance to cooperate on other projects related to BI and DW area, due to the successful cooperation on Niše project, and large general expertise in this area.

Reporting systems are based on the modern and world-renowned technological solutions. Users use them through Internet browsers. The analysis and drilling through data are enabled, based on their own access rights.

Complex data and their relationships (structure, trend and rank) are available through a variety of tabular and graphical reports, logically organized into control panels (Dashboards). In addition to dynamic reports, users have at their disposal standardized static reports ready for printing and exporting into external applications (eg. MS Excel), which are also integrated into Dashboards. Advanced users can use the powerful capabilities for ad-hoc analysis.

The results

At Zagrebačka banka we have successfully established a modern BI system for operational monitoring of profitability according to various criteria. The reporting system is based on modern and world-renowned technological solutions.

To use the system, the Internet browser is sufficient. Users have access to modern reporting system based on control panels (Dashboards), with graphical and tabular data shown in dynamic reports, with many possibilities for data analysis.

The project was completed successfully, and Zagrebačka banka has taken over the system for the maintenance and further expansion. Based on this successful project, Neos has established cooperation with Zagrebačka banka on other BI-DW projects.