THT – One Customer View

About the client

T-HT Group offers services under T-Mobile brand through T-Mobile Ltd. as a mobile operator and under T-Com brand through T-Com/T-HT Ltd. as fixed/Internet service provider. T-HT is a leading provider of telecommunication services in Croatia that combines fixed and mobile telephony services, data transmission, Internet and international communications.

The challenge

All telecommunication operators as well as T-HT offer a number of services and are constantly investing in new technology solutions. On the other side, user’s expectations are to get the required service as soon as possible and with as little administration as possible. Developing information systems in such environment requires a good knowledge of user’s business domain, the application of appropriate technology solutions and exceptional system reliability because unavailability of service can create huge financial losses to end-users.

The solution

We have participated in the execution of two projects. The project of migration to Oracle WebLogic application infrastructure included ​​the migration of existing applications from Oracle IAS application servers to Oracle Weblogic Servers (WLS). The project covered WLS server installation and configuration and HL/LB cluster installation and configuration.

In cooperation with Multicom Ltd. Neos has participated in the project of development of a unified view of data for all users (One Customer View) in one place system, whether they are fixed service users, mobile service users or both. The ultimate goal of this project was easier insight and faster data access through channels that have a direct or indirect contact with the user. The system differentiates four types of users (private prepaid and postpaid users, small business users and large business users) and data display automatically adjusts depending on the data type and volume. The project involved a number of contractors who were responsible for the preparation of data from the end system towards the central system for data exchange (TIBCO ESB). Neos had the responsibility of designing and defining the architecture of front-end system for data display, as well as the development of the access to Tibco ESB services. Neos has also participated in the design of a single data model used in the system implementation.

The results

Migration project was successfully completed in mid-2011. From that moment, all the applications based on Java/JEE technology, were installed on Oracle WebLogic Platform. OCV project was completed within the set deadlines and successfully put into operation in early 2012. The results are impressive, taking into account that the project involved a number of contractors and the complexity of the overall performance.