THT – Fix Enabler

About the client

Hrvatski Telekom, a member of the Deutsche Telekom Group, is the leading provider of telecommunication services in Croatia, providing services of mobile and fixed telephony, wholesale, internet and data services with more than 1,2 million fixed lines, more than 2,2 million mobile subscribers and nearly 700,000 data service users.

The challenge

Hrvatski Telekom has decided to improve its business support system by implementing innovative approach to analytical solutions in the segment of user, service, traffic and billing analytics. The goal of the analytical solution implementation is to recognize the users’ needs in the fixed network segment and thus improve the services and increase user satisfaction. In the same way analytics of traffic and billing has been set up for specific services, which allows for significantly easier making of strategic and investment decisions.

The solution

Years of cooperation with Hrvatski Telekom have resulted in a comprehensive solution for fixed network data warehousing. The implementation of the data warehouse followed within framework of several major DWH/BI projects which included monitoring of business operation by way of analysis of subscribers, services, traffic and billing in the segment of telecom services. During the project realization the need for analytics was also recognised in other business segments, therefore the projects have been extended to ICT and electricity supply services. The solution design used Neos BI Framework and the Enterprise Data Model which made the introduction of new “non-telecom services” into the analytical system much easier.

The results

As business support and for the purposes of improving business processes custom-made solutions have been developed according to the client’s needs for monitoring business operation in the field of telecommunication, ICT and electricity supply services. A new and different overview of data was enabled, which was organized in three groups:

  • Daily overview of data on users and services
  • Monitoring of changes related to specific services
  • Monitoring of traffic and billing data