Ploče Port Authority – TTI Project

About the client

Ploče Port Authority was established by the Croatian Government for management, construction, and use of the Ploče Port. According to the purpose it serves, the Ploče port is opened to international public transport. Because of its size and significance it was declared an international port of special economic interest for the Republic of Croatia.

The challenge

The PPA’s main objective is the transformation from transhipment port to the regional logistics center, which will, in addition to applying modern transfer technologies, provide various distribution and other services for goods that pass through the port. To achieve this, it was necessary to improve IT infrastructure and develop a modern system for communicating between participants in the port community.

Therefore, the PPA launched the project called Trade and Transport Integration (TTI), financed by the World Bank’s loan. As part of the TTI, the Ploče Port Authority conducts the construction of the port’s information system – PCS (Port Community System). These solutions are standard in modern ports that account for most of world trade.

The goal is to exchange information between participants in port processes, eliminate redundancy of information flows and drastically reduce the information waiting time within the port community in a simple and fast way.

The solution

The preparatory part was carried out in two steps. It lasted from July 2008 until October 2010, and was completed to the satisfaction of all parties involved. The experts from the World Bank participated in the first part of the project along with the Ploče Port Authority, Amsterdam Port Consultants and Neos.

The first preparation part of building the port’s information system consisted of activities such as re-engineering of business processes, design of the entire system and preparation of tender documents according to the World Bank rules. Amsterdam Port Consultants company from the Netherlands was selected to prepare technical documentation. During this project part, Neos was providing consulting services to Ploče Port Authority related to supervision of prepared documentation and help in its interpretation.

The second step was an international tender and selection of the best suppliers for the port’s information system construction. Neos was providing consulting services in the area of analysis of bids in the solution’s technological quality segment and the methodologies and technologies on which it is based. Successful supplier selection has created conditions for the project execution and commissioning of the port information system.

The solutions design project is currently underway and NEOS is supervising it for the PPA.

The project proved to be very difficult due to the length of performance, complexity and variety of business activities and processes, the number of the participants in the port community, and the need for integration with external systems. Systems with which the PCS system will be integrated are the Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure’s CIMIS, and PCM system that belongs to Luka Ploče d.d.

Actual IT (Koper), S & T (Zagreb) as contractors and NEOS as a consultant participate in the execution part of the process, along with Port of Ploče Authority. This part of the project began in late 2010 and will be finished by the end of 2012.