DSJU – IS NEOS Educator

About the client

National School for Public Administration.

The challenge

A constantly growing scale of conducting the business by National School for Public Administration imposed a need for greater informatisation. Complex and time-consuming business processes, availability of information and communication with trainers and students together with a growing number of potential students started to put a serious strain on the school’s resources.

The solution

In order to successfully support the work of the school and therefore informatise schools business processes NEOS based its solution on two main parts, administration and public interface.

The administration interface enabled school administrators to manage workshops and their terms in a simple and descriptive way. Moreover, support for the rest of time consuming business processes has also been implemented so that resource, trainer and student management can now be done in a much shorter time. Public interface has a purpose to serve all potential students as a starting point in using the school’s services and later to support the process of education until its end. Moreover, both interfaces are very closely connected in order to achieve a quality content management system. The combination of both interfaces provided for greater automation and overall simplification of the school’s processes of registration checking, document management and communication with involved parties.

The results

With successful implementation of information system multiple benefits have been achieved for the National School for Public Administration. Automation of routine and simplification of complex business processes eliminated time consuming activities therefore making school administrators more efficient. Implementation of document management offered fast registration checks and eliminated potential mislaying of documents. Overall, information system contributed to increasing the quality of the school’s services at the same time making them more interesting to potential parties.