Law Firm Žurić & Partners – NEOS/Case

About the client

Law firm Žurić & Partners is one of the largest law firms in Croatia, with a long tradition. As a leading law firm in the economy field, over the years they acquired many large domestic and foreign companies to become their clients.

The challenge

Law firms use a large amount of structured and unstructured data, related to the court records, cases, parties and other participants in the judicial and other processes. It was necessary to enable internal automatic reporting of all employees about their activities entered into the system, as well as commitments toward external entities (eg. court deadlines), which are critical success factors in law firms.

There weren’t any application on the market that would offer a solution to monitor the structured portion of the data on the Žurić&Partners business activities, due to the complexity of the cases they manage and excessive distance they made from traditional business activities and calculations by attorney rates.

In particular there weren’t any application that would include quality monitoring the of unstructured data, in the form of internally generated and received electronic documents, emails, scanned documents that come in printed form, the establishment of a knowledge base, and other forms of unstructured data that appear in the law business.

Due to the large number of attorneys and other staff, a very large number of cases and other elements that occur in business, Ž&P decided to develop a specific solution based on our standard NEOS/Case solution.

The solution

Neos/Case solution has been established at Ž&P law firm during several years of cooperation. Over the years, the application underwent several upgrades and improvements. Starting as a client-server application, today Neos/Case is a modern, multilayer application based on Oracle database and Weblogic application server that is used through Internet browser.

Additionally, Neos/Case was upgraded to the Enterprise version, which includes working with documents and their linking to specific activities and files. The application is tailored to Ž&P business specificities, and with all the listed improvements, it became the Case system that is appropriate for the largest law firms.

All improvements have enabled users to easily work through a unified Case interface, with large amounts of data and documents, which is the main business problem law firms face.

Also, from the beginning we act as a system integrator for Ž&P. A complete information system infrastructure was established, including the local email system, local Blackberry system and NEOS/Case Enterprise infrastructure – Oracle database, Oracle WebLogic Application Server, and Documentum content-management system from EMC2 company.

The results

Starting with an application for a law business, today Ž&P have an implemented NEOS/Case Enterprise system, which includes and integrates structured and unstructured (documents and other content) business data through a unified interface.

The task we have successfully resolved united simultaneous tracking of business data (activities, actions, costs, cases, customers) and the life cycle of a large number of documents, each of which passes through internal processing, and is also very time-critical.