HNZ – NEOS/Insight

About the client

Croatian Monetary Institute manufactures circulation mint, numismatic and commemorative coins, medals and badges made of precious and other metals. Besides the aforementioned product program, Croatian Monetary Institute also produces license plates for motor vehicles.

The challenge

CMI’s business operations consist of processes ranging from manufacturing, dealerships, wholesale, retail to material and financial accounting. It is difficult to cover such a wide variety of processes in a satisfactory manner, particularly with regard to two very specific types of production that was supposed to support.

CMI has decided, within their modernization framework, to introduce a high-quality solution that will fit in with all their specificities.

The solution

Neos approached the task of CMI’s informatization pragmatically. An established Neos/Insight system is greatly modified and tailored to meet the CMI business needs.

Business areas are covered by the priorities, in order that most fit the CMI needs. The first step solved manufacturing license plates, which CMI does for all police departments in Croatia. The law defines the corresponding plates for all categories of vehicles that production supports, with all kinds of special plates. In the production facility, touch-screen terminals were installed, with the specific application to support business activities. Application takes a worker step-by-step through the selected work activity, depending on the workplace where the worker is registered.

Along the production, business modules that support it were carried out – material accounting and warehouse management, B2B Web interface for contract customers, as well as the direct connection between the Insight system and the external web shop. The wholesale, retail, POS cash register and dealership modules were also carried out. They play an important role in the second CMI’s business operation segment – production of coins and medals.

The financial accounting, cash register, fixed assets, and mint with business processes support for circulation money, numismatics, and medals were carried out in the second step.

The results

During the years of cooperation with Croatian Monetary Institute, Neos has carried out a solution through the NEOS/Insight Enterprise system, that supports business functionalities in several steps.

The system has been largely modified and revised according to the CMI’s specific business needs. This has enabled CMI to define and improve business operations, with quality support and business activity monitoring.