HNB – SIT Internal Portal

About the client

The Croatian National Bank, as stipulated by the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia, is the central bank of the Republic of Croatia.

The challenge

The National Bank of Croatia relies on a large number of custom-made and off-shell applications. Due to application growth, their administration and management became more demanding. Moreover, large application number has revealed the need for establishing a single unified communication channel between application administrators and dislocated application users. This communication channel should be able to offer all relevant information about applications which includes general information and documentation.

The solution

After detailed analysis NEOS has offered a solution based on Oracle technologies and custom development while at the same time making use of the existing user directory service in order to synchronize user data with new parts of infrastructure and to minimize the need for radical changes of the existing infrastructure.

To achieve unification in communication, a custom portal has been developed, which serves as a central place where authorized users can access specific applications and the place where administrators can easily share information with the application users.

In order to simplify application access, the Single Sign-On access control has been implemented in a way so that after accessing its workstation the user has access to the portal through which he can access different applications according to its user rights.

The results

A rather complex infrastructure implementation and addition of custom-developed portal offered a completely new way of accessing the applications, administrating their users and providing an efficient way of establishing a communication channel between administrators and end application users.