HEP – Bussiness Intelligence System

About the client

Hrvatska elektroprivreda is the national electricity company, engaged in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity for more than a century. In the last few decades it also supplies customers with thermal energy and gas.

The challenge

HEP’s complex business operations implied a great need for business analysis and business reporting. Operational reporting is covered at the transactional system level and operational business applications. But HEP has established the need for a systematic solving of business analysis by introducing business intelligence solution for the reporting of operational and strategic company management.

As the HEP Group consists of several companies, it was necessary to define the direction of business intelligence systems development and to define business needs and technology.

A pilot project was performed that tested a limited set of business requirements and the BI-DW system implementation technology.

Based on the conclusions drawn from the pilot project, a technology platform was defined. NEOS then started implementing the broader business areas over the full dataset. It was also decided to define the HEP group strategy regarding the future BI-DW system design.

The solution

Neos has performed a pilot project that tested the technology capabilities and business requirements on a limited data set. After a successful pilot project, Neos started the implementation of wider segment of the BI system, based on data warehouse (DW) and the BI solutions development strategy within the HEP Group.

The first step covered the limited number of business areas:

  • Billing (calculation of the electrical energy consumption)
  • Collecting (collection, age of debt, collection letters)
  • Other internal reporting.

This kind of approach enables high-quality project setting, avoiding huge periods between defining requirements and first deliveries to the system users. In addition, in this way internal IT service is enabled to get acquainted with the solutions and BI system key users, by checking the system functioning that is not vertically (time) or horizontally (all distribution areas in Croatia) limited.

Overall solution is designed in Oracle technology, with the data warehouse located in the Oracle relational database, and for ELT tool Oracle Warehouse Builder was used. NEOS BI environment provides the basis for the data warehouse with support for executing and monitoring the ELT system and logic of charging data, and methodological support for the development.

Reporting System (BI) was designed in the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBI EE) toolset – dynamic Answers reports and graphs were organized systematically into the Dashboards by business units.

With the complex ELT system containing a large number of mappings and processes, DW system is characterized by a solution that collects data from 21 physically separated resources. Server networks for 23 distribution areas are placed at various locations in Croatia. The task was designed as a module that dynamically reads technological information on dislocated systems. The ELT process connects and modifies them, thus allowing the development of a mapping set and process for all locations only once. It made maintainance and improvements to the system much easier.

The results

HEP has established a system that allows monitoring of key performance indicators (KPI) for the specified business areas.

Modern designed reporting system, based on the control panels (Dashboards) with dynamic graphic and tabular display which enables users simple business analysis according to structure, trend, data rank, drilling and more.

With all of these direct benefits of the project, this has also set a solid basis for further expansion of the BI-DW system with new business areas that NEOS BI Environment methodologically and developmentally supports.