AZ fund – Business Intelligence System

About the client

AZfond is the largest pension fund in Croatia, with more than 500.000 active members and more than 30.000.000 system transactions. Founded by Zagrebačka banka and Allianz, AZ fond apart from managing manadatory fund (II pillar), manages a series of open and closed pension funds, and makes profit that is among largest in Croatia.

The challenge

AZ fond exceeds the other pension funds in Croatia by number of members. Accordingly, it processees on a daily basis a large amount of data regarding membership, fund management, monitoring of members’ personal accounts, payment processing and financial transaction (membership payments and funds payments), management of sales networks, sales improvements, provisions and many other activities. Due to the large amounts of data, it was necessary to find a solution that will allow monitoring of business parameters which can later be used for making business decisions and improving business operations.

The solution

During the long-term cooperation with AZ fond a number of projects to support business operations were realized. Business intelligence system reclines upon and uses these solutions as a source of data. The system provided the consolidated data for dynamic reporting of middle and senior management, and offered additional tools for analysis and sales management support.

BI system consists of reporting system designed as control panels (Dashboard) with reports on individual business areas. Reports derive data from the data warehouse (Data Warehouse System). Data Warehouse system is designed as a multi-layered system that collects data from sources, processes them and pre-prepares them in a format suitable for business analysis.

The results

NEOS BI environment was used as a basis for establishing the BI-DW system, and serves as a control mechanism and support to development and loading of the data warehouse. The data warehouse serves as a data source to BI reporting system that was carried out in OBI EE technology.

BI system is modern and based on dynamic reports that allow analysis of key performance indicators, trends, comparison of time areas and other advanced analysis.