APIS – Oracle Exadata Database Machine

About the client

The Information Systems and Information Technologies Support Agency (APIS IT d.o.o.) was established at end of 2005 by a contract between the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb in order to build on positive experience of the City Institute for Automated Data Processing (GZAOP) in providing services of development and support to the key information systems of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb and develop applications and store the necessary databases, which is fundamental to functioning of a modern electronically supported administration.

The challenge

The constant growth of data, the need for improving the service quality as well as new business challenges posed by business users have resulted in the necessity for the Exadata system upgrade. Also, the operation continuity policy requires setting up of a disaster recovery (DR) site. That led to expansion of the hardware platform with the technical support for consolidation, including servers, any necessary equipment and system software for project implementation. The consolidated system had to comply with all internal standards applied at APIS IT in regard to the architecture as well as to safety.

The solution

The project included several important activities whose completion allowed for expansion of capacities and continued unobstructed system operation:

  • Expansion of the available storage server space and upgrade of the ZFS storage system on the existing Oracle Exadata systems
  • Upgrade of the existing Oracle databases to higher versions
  • Installation and configuration of the new Oracle Exadata system according to the client’s specific requirements
  • Migration of the specified systems to the new Oracle Exadata platform
  • Moving of one Orace Exadata system to a backup (DR) site

The results

The hardware platform and software licences have been delivered according to the client’s specification and in the agreed deadlines. Expansion of capacities, as well as the system consolidation have been realised according to the client’s requirements without any operation stoppages, while one Oracle Exadata system was moved to a backup site and commissioned in line with the specified requirements. This secured continuous system operation in the future in line with the expected increase of data and moving of a part of the system to a backup site also secured requirements for preserving continuity of operation.