AKD – e-tahograf, CIA, TNI

About the client

AKD d.o.o. is a company with extensive experience in the production of personal documents, smart cards counterfeit-protected printed matter and standard commercial printing services. Pursuant to a decision made by the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia, AKD has received public authorisation for issuing smart cards for digital tachographs used in road traffic.

The challenge

EU legislation dictates that all companies that participate in the transport of passengers and goods in the European Union must have built-in digital tachographs in their vehicles. Further, each driver that participates in such transport must have a unique personal identification card. In each member country of the e-tachograph system it must be possible to quickly verify the status of the driver’s card. Given the lack of an e-tachograph system and card carriers in BIH, and that deadline for such system was already extended, it was impossible for them to carry out transport in the EU. So, deadline for this project was extremely short for such a complex system.

The solution

In this international project, Neos participated in the development of the e-tachograph system and system for card issuing in Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of the consortium with AKD d.o.o. (HR), Combis d.o.o. (HR), Lanaco d.o.o. (BiH).

Neos project responsibilities included design of the system architecture, development and implementation of application for administrative procedure (CIA) and connection with the system for personalization, applications for the work of the supervisory bodies and the system for management of data exchange with the central EU TACHOnet system (TNI).

The results

The entire system was developed in a very short time and delivered to the Agency for Identification Documents, Registers and Data Exchange (IDDEEA – BiH) within 90 days. Delivery time is impressive considering the complexity of the supplied system which included the establishment of infrastructure, communications and security/cryptographic equipment, equipment intended for card personalization, card quality control equipment, applications for administrative procedure and issuing memory cards (CIA), applications for the work of the supervisory bodies, applications for management of data exchange with the central EU TACHOnet system (TNI), and application to generate security certificates and applications for card personalization.